Saturday, December 30, 2006



I knew I was going to have trouble keeping up with this blog. Home schooling, art/craft shows, holidays, accounting (my other job) - I need about 8 more hours in my day to get everything done.

What I didn't count on was having so much trouble with the blog itself. I hadn't posted in so long it wanted my to update my blog to my gmail account. Well, that didn't quite work as easily as it should have, and I had to start over from scratch. I have had nothing but problems since then.

What a waste of good tatting designing time!!

I am going to try and keep up better with this in January, when I have more time (I hope).

The 25 Motif Challenge


After some serious consideration, I have decided to join the 25 Motif challege. The consideration was mainly as to whether I would have the time to keep up with this, but I think it will be good for me because I would like to design 25 motifs that I can then use in my jewelry.

Some of these ideas have been in my head for a couple of years and never put down on paper or done in thread. Seems I'm too busy trying to keep up with just tatting the patterns I already know, rather than take the time to come up with something new.

Well, those days are over! I'm going to take some time to do some serious designing like I haven't done for a number of years. It may take me a while to do this, but at least I have some motivation.