Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to Blogland?

Oh, you know me - I flit in and out of "blogland" - lately I can't seem to find the time or motivation to post much.  Most of the reason behind that is I haven't done much tatting at all this entire year.  And even with a long time of resting my hands,  I still find my limit to be about an hour of tatting at a time - then the base of my thumbs start to ache.  If I do much more I pay for it for the next few days.  As I planned, I haven't done any art/craft shows this year, although my patterns sell steadily and I do have some tatted jewelry in a little fiber arts store in Reading - Some Things Looming - so I'm technically still in the tatting business.  At a much reduced level, obviously.

I love this thread color from Handy Hands - Charcoal Medium (607) - and have been working with it off and on for a few weeks (fabulous design here by Yarnplayer as well).

Simple Drop Earrings (bottom) by Elizabeth's Lace

It works really well with contrasting thread and beads.  I tend to be a bit monochromatic in my designing, so it can be challenge for me to put different colors together and be pleased with the results.  With this thread it seems to be easier, perhaps because it is somewhat of a neutral color.

Well, it's back to the laundry for me - enjoy this Sunday and be blessed!