Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Family Member

My husband was the first to see two little kittens in the front yard next door.  It turns out there were three all together - two gray ones and a black one.   Mom is a beautiful long-haired gray cat, but is a stray, very anti-social, and teaching the kitties to be the same.  She moved two of the kittens after we saw them, but after a night of pitiful meowing off and on, I finally went out and rescued the little black one who was very cold and hungry after a long night alone.  I'm not sure whether mom planned to come back for him, but I couldn't wait any longer to find out.  Here he is:

Oh yeah, he's a cutie.  He was very scared at first, hissing and meowing, but once he got some food in his tummy and a warm place to sleep and found out just how good petting can be, he is now purring and loving all the attention, playing like crazy and getting into everything.

My husband, who said I was only allowed to have two cats (we already have two we rescued from a shelter), seems to have gone all soft and mushy with this little guy and has said nothing about taking him to the shelter - he seems to be willing to take kitty in.

We are thinking of naming him Troy, after the Pittsburgh Steeler's safety, Troy Polamalu, who also has lovely long black hair. :-)  My family are pretty big Steelers fans and we think he looks like a Troy.  He certainly flies around jumping and getting into everything like Polamalu does.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look What I Found

I had my first accounting exam this past Sunday - I got 100% on it! Yay! It helps to have worked in the industry for the past few years, but I did also study like crazy. I was so nervous as it was the first exam I had taken in about 20 years.

That isn't the most exciting part of the story, though.  After my exam I took a little trip over to JoAnn Fabrics in search of cabone rings.  Although I did find some of those, the real find was stitch markers (for knitting)  which come in even smaller sizes and are much thinner!  See the picture below - the top two ring sets are what I'm talking about, and the bottom rings are regular cabone rings (click on the picture to get a real close up view of the sizes).

OK, I know they are weird colors, but I'm hoping the tatting will cover that up.  I mean, in my taupe and brown pieces the rings are white, but the ring is well hidden by the thread so you don't notice the color difference. I haven't had a chance to try any of them yet, but will try to post some pics once I get to it.