Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Busy, Busy Life

It is true, I am terrible at keeping up with this blog! I really was trying to do better for a while, but inevitably, life gets in the way and the blog gets pushed to the back burner. Between teenager issues, work, the summer craft show schedule, and deciding to go back to school this fall, I've been swamped.

Yes, I have started online classes with a local community college. I already have a B.A. in Business Administration, but after working in the tax/accounting industry for the past five years, have decided I'd really like to be a CPA. I can see a demand in the industry as a whole and specifically in the firm I work for. So, at 40 years old, I'm back in college. I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Do at 34, so I guess I tend to do some big things a little later in life? Of course, I had my kids earlier than a lot of people nowadays (I was 23) so as they get older I find myself with some more time on my hands than I had when they were little.

I am currently tatting fall jewelry - in oranges, deep reds, leaf patterns, that sort of thing. I love Yarnplayer's Sugar Maple thread and also have some silks in variegated fall colors as well. What I will share with you today is my pumpkin earrings.

I found this technique of wrapping a pearl in tatting in a Japanese book called "Tatting Lace," and the pumpkins developed from there. I love this technique and have used it in many ways. Some day I'd like to create an entire string of tatted pearls, but I haven't managed to do so yet.