Sunday, September 23, 2007

Motif Nine

Another simple earring pattern - with not so simple thread. This is my own pattern, one I have been using for a number of years, but the copper metallic thread is new. It is a pain in the tush though, as it likes to do things like shred and tear and break and make rings not close easily. I would only do something small with this thread or I'd be screaming and throwing shuttles out the window. It does, of course, have a very unique effect and look, so it is worth some patience. That's very easy for me to say, in theory - but at this moment those are the only item in my entire stock made with the metallic thread because it is such a pain - LOL. I end up avoiding it like the plague.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Motif Eight

I burned my thumbs on a cookie tray the other day and they have both blistered up. I was in a hurry and using a towel for a potholder and I didn't realize right away the towel was wet in spots - the heat came right through the wet towel. Yeeeeouch! I didn't realize how much I use the bottom of my right thumb for tatting until it hurt to do so. I am adjusting - I have three shows coming up and the tatting must go on!

I often come up with patterns when I am trying to match an element in another piece. The bottom of this earring is in an old edging pattern my grandmother had in her collection, and then I added the top because I wanted the earring to be a little bigger and hang a certain way.

The thread is Caron Wildflowers - a little soft for tatting, (according to my preferences, anyway) and that makes it difficult to tat with even tension. But the variegated colors are gorgeous.