Sunday, January 21, 2007

My first motif done!

This is not my own original design, but I had to adapt it slightly to use it for this necklace. With all the beads in it, the stitch count needed to be adjusted (as happens often with patterns I add beads to).

The pattern came from the summer of 1993 "Treasures in Needlework" magazine (?). I assume it is from my grandmother's collection of stuff, I happened to find it while going through a bunch of my books, the two pages had been ripped from the magazine and tucked into another book. I don't know where else it would have come from. Although some of the other patterns in this issue of the magazine are credited to Mary McCarthy, this pattern does not name a designer. I recognize one of the other patterns there as one I have in an old book somewhere, so it's possible this pattern came from an older source, I'm not sure.

I was afraid it might look too much like a bib, but I tried it on yesterday and it looks just beautiful. Hopefully it will go home with a happy customer.

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Barbara Gordon said...

I absolutely love this necklace and sure wish I could find the time to try one for myself! Lovely!