Friday, June 8, 2007

Motif Seven

Well, this one is...different. Not a lot of tatting, but then, I guess I am a jewelry designer first, so sometimes I have to translate the tatting into what I think is a cool jewelry design. At least there are rings. The rest if it is what I call "twisted stitch," although I'm sure there are other names for it. It's achieved by just doing one half of the ds.


Barbara Gordon said...

I just love it, and seeing as how blue is my favorite color that might add to it. I like simple things and this one is just right!

Barbara Gordon said...

I have finally got my gmail account to deliver to my Micro. Outlook otherwise I kept forgetting to check in there. I am hoping now to get my things going a bit faster, but I still have family health issues that aren't cleared up quite yet. Just keep making things for me to admire and I hope I too will be posting some soon.