Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Motif Eleven

Well, I found out it was fun to be tagged...and then I spent hours going around to all the other people who had been tagged to find out all the interesting stuff about them - I am feeling remorse at not getting any tatting done! Oh, the guilt - yeah, well - you can see I'm still in avoidance mode as I thought I would update my blog instead of tatting even now.

Does anyone else have that disease which manifests itself with the following major symptom: whenever there is a lot of something to do (in this case, tatting, because my inventory is so low and I have another show i a week and a half) you avoid it at all costs. Why do I do that? It it that I am overwhelmed at the thought of all that needs to be done that I don't know where to start? But isn't starting the only way it will get done? It's a disease all right, and I've got a full blown case of it. Procrastinationitis.

And here is motif number 10. Guess what? Yeah, it's still an old pattern of mine - nothing new yet. The two tatting pieces on each side of the bead were originally designed to look like a shuttle for the TatChat group back in the late 90's: the pattern is still on the web and available here. So I gave it a new twist in this necklace by putting a focal bead between the two "shuttles." Of course, most of my customers don't recognize the "shuttle" part of the design, but to me and hopefully other tatters, that makes the design a little extra special. Below is the same pattern in a pin.


Arlene said...

Your work is so incredibly lovely. I have not taken the time/patience to do necklaces but your work inspires me!! Thank you!

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

The necklace and brooch are beautiful! I suffer from the same disease, which is probably why I have such a tremendous stash! Luckily, blogging has helped me devote more time to knitting/crocheting/tatting/sewing than I have in a long time. I feel the need to post, and in order to post, I must produce!

Iris Niebach said...

I like your necklace very much and the way you transform simple motifs in something wonderful.
I have the same disease, when I have too much to do, I do nothing.

Gina said...

Oh cool! You still use that design! I used it recently for a brooch,

I referenced your link in the entry before that one when I was tatting it. I hadn't quite figured out what to do with the points yet - I didn't set out to make a brooch when I started - it just evolved there. Very nice design. Thanks!
:-) Gina

Etha said...

hehe, I remember the tatchat shuttle, and I think its actually my old site that its on :)
Your tatting is terribly beautiful, as always!

Elizabeth said...

Hi everyone,

That was a fun thing to design way back when - I'm glad some people knew about it and still use it! Maus - I haven't heard from you in so long!! How are you, girl? Good to see you are still around.

Marilee Rockley said...

Your work and designs are so pretty and elegant!
I also am afflicted with "procrastionitus". Instead of looking at blogs, there are skeins to be wound, tatting to be done, cello to be practiced, laundry piled high...I'd better go!

Toptattyhead said...

Hellow Elizabeth, I have only just joined the Tatted Ring of Bloggers and whilst browsing through came across your blog site. I'm really impressed with your beautiful necklace, I think your attention to detail i.e. tension, craftsmanship etc., is exceptional. So glad I found your site.
Kind regards, Linda S Davies

Sandra E said...

ooooo - love this broach! Where did you find the pin behind the tatting? I'd love to use something like this in my work. (Of course, I give all my tatting away...)