Saturday, August 23, 2008

Beadweaving and Felting Fun

I have been wanting to learn more beadweaving techniques. I do use some simple ones, but I also felt a bit unknowledgeable about different types if threads, needles, etc. and though a good class might take care of that. WELL....The Bead Expo was here this weekend and I got to go! It was huge! I got to go bead shopping which I love - I just have to see beads in person before I buy - but best of all I got to take four classes!

My morning class was Beginning Peyote with Nancy Zellers. We learned tubular and flat peyote stitch and Nancy was a fantastic teacher. She spent the first hour talking all about threads, how to conditions them, what size to use, needles to use, how to finish projects off, and lots of other great beginner tips. It was a great start to my day.

In the afternoon I had a class in felting, "Felted Pod Brooch" with Gail Crosman Moore. I had absolutely no experience with felting (this class was in wet felting) and thought it was very interesting. I bought some wool to try to make some felted beads to use with my tatting.

I took another class with Nancy Zellers in the evening - this one was one of her kits and involved brick stitch - "Dragon's Treasure Bracelet" (you must go see the picture of her completed piece, it is gorgeous). I am totally addicted to brick stitch. When worked with delica beads it is so even and beautiful. I find it as relaxing as tatting! And it totally feeds those perfectionist, OCD tendencies I have. Here are the two beads I completed (only 19 to go LOL).

This was my Thursday. On Friday I just took and evening class with Rosita Pisarchick. I found this class, "The Best Beaded Cabachon" to be the most challenging and frustrating, but also to probably have the most practical application for my jewelry, as I have been wanting to do beaded bails on my tatting for a while now, and not use any metal at all (all fiber and beads). Rosita was a great teacher, I just had difficulty with getting the thing to look as "perfect" as I wanted it too. I know, I know it was only my first time! This is an imperial jasper cabachon in brown seed beads. It isn't finished, as you can see, because I ran out of thread as the class came to an end.

All in all, it was a great experience and great fun!


Unknown said...

Pretty stuff! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Hey Elizabeth

Are you busy? I've been faithfully keeping an eye on your blog, but it has not budged.........hope you are well, I would like to learn the beading there a tutorial. sally

Elizabeth said...

Hi Sally,

Google "beadweaving instructions" for some basics in the technique. I am well, just have been very busy. Hopefully I will get back to the blogging now that life has eased up a bit.

Unknown said...

I have always admired your work, do you use wire? I am looking into the beadweaving info, hoping to made a case for a star ruby stone that I have....will look forward to your new work.

Elizabeth said...

I don't use wire in my tatting, no. Just thread and beads.

Unknown said...

Hey good to see you back Elizabeth! and i finally got to do the bead weaving...a few problems but with practice should clinch it soon...the new work is lovely as usual.