Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thread Obsession

Naturally, as soon as my body and brain got some kind of a break, I got sick. Looks like another sinus infection, and I'm trying to decide whether to just keep my annual checkup appointment which I already had scheduled for Wednesday morning, or trying to get in sooner so I can get started on the antibiotics. Meanwhile I'm taking Ibuprofin to keep the fever at bay and trying to get some things done. Naps are good.

My variegated thread drawer is getting out of control. I tried to open it the other day to put in the beautiful hand-dyed Magnolia thread I received from Lady Shuttlemaker. Well...I could hardly get the drawer open, it's so crammed full of variegated thread!

I can't imagine my obsession with these gorgeous threads waning anytime soon, so I obviously need a bigger drawer. :-)

In other news, I had a very nice customer interested in doing an article on tatting, so she did some of her own research on the net and asked me some questions, and here is the result. Click here to read the article. Very nice!

I am still working on more patterns for sale, in fact I listed another today - a fairly simple beaded earring pattern. For those of you interested in a book of my patterns rather than one at a time, are you interested in .pdf format or a hard copy that you can actually hold in your hands? Feel free to leave a comment on your preference.


Unknown said...

The article is very nice! Congratulations! That drawer of thread has me "drooling"! My goodness...what a BEAUTIFUL collection! :)

Marty said...

A book of your patterns? I'd need it quick so PDF would work great. Then I could print it if I wanted to.
Now what I need is a thread drawer just like yours!

Unknown said...

P.S. I want hardcopy, please! That works best for me!!! I'd LOVE a book of your patterns...I'll be first in line!!! :)

Fox said...

Yes - a book of your patterns!

That is a neat article about tatting, and I like that the writer wants to try her hand at the shuttle!

BTW - what is wrong with a bigger thread drawer? : ))

Prabhdeep said...

That is great!!! I always liked your designs. I don't consider my self that high tech so a hard copy is a preference for me.

connie said...

I'd love a copy of your patterns.
My preference is pdf but hardcopy is fine too.
P.S. Feel better soon

Elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone for the comments - I do read them all, although I forget to come back and say so :-)

I am hoping to do a book at some point, as I get more and more comfortable with writing patterns longhand. I may make it available both ways, if I can figure out a reasonable way of printing one out and binding it - this is definitely not my area of expertise!