Friday, July 23, 2010

New Pattern Available

I've managed to get another of my patterns written up and it's available for sale in my etsy shop.  This one teaches you how to do what I call "sewing" on a bead cluster with a focal bead (the sewing is done as you are making the lace with the tatting thread itself, so the bead work is still incorporated right into the lace).  It's one of my favorite ways to add beads, and while it is easier to do on small pieces, I will do it even when I've got a lot of thread to pull through the beads, because I really like the results.

I call this pattern "Flora" because it reminds me of a little flower. 

<-----------Look at this picture!  Another failed attempt at staging!  Why is it so yellow? you may ask.  Well, I told you I just can't seem to get the lighting right.  

Here's another example (below) of "sewing" on beads, but in the middle of a necklace.  As I mentioned, this method of beading on tatting can give you problems if your thread is really long, but the effect is well worth it, in my opinion.  A little bit of patience and steady hands will go a long way.

Anyway, if you're interested, pop on over to etsy and have a look.


Jane Eborall said...

I'm intrigued as to how you 'sew on' the beads. I can't see why you couldn't add them as you make the pieces - including them in the tatting? Could you explain further as I'd love to know!!!!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you're using "warm" light source? A combo of a warm light and a cool light, with a sheet behind might give better definition and true color.
Glad that you're back! Ellie, Schuylkill Co.

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jane,

I do add them as I an making the lace, not afterwards; "sewing" them in as I go, with the tatting thread. That's why you can have problems with the thread being too long. Remember that this is my own terminology and perhaps there is a better way of describing it that I'm not thinking of. I've been using this way of adding beads for about 10 years, and I can only think of one other time I've seen it on someone else's tatting. So I thought there might be some interest!

God's Kid said...

very nice :)

Kathy Niklewicz said...

It's so much fun to see these new posts! I love how you work beads into your tatting (with perfection as usual) and I'm also intrigued how you do it. Beads still kind of intimidate me.

As for the 'yellow photo', sometimes an Ott light can help in getting 'true' coloring. Of course, you need a way of getting the light to the object or the object to the light!

I'm amused I'm giving YOU photo 'advice', when you're the one who told me how to turn off the 'flash' on my camera! Every time I do that, I think of you!!

I'll let you know if we can make the trip to Delaware!