Monday, August 16, 2010

Another One Down

I didn't do much blogging these past few weeks as I was finishing up another course in pursuit of my CPA license - Intermediate Accounting I.  Well, today I finally took my final exam.  I'm glad this class is over.  I had a much more difficult time with this course than the three that came before it - did fine on the homework, thought I knew what I was doing and then I'd get to the tests and it would all go downhill.  I still got a A in the class and managed to maintain my 4.0 average - but it was much more of a struggle this time.  Here's hoping Intermediate Accounting II is not quite so hard (along with Business Law II, it starts in a week).

I've had this thread, called "Magnolia", in my stash for a while without using it.  [Yes, I have entirely too much hand-dyed thread.]  This one is from LadyShuttleMaker.  It is a beautiful combination of a light lilac, creamy pale yellow, and ecru. Very subtle and just lovely.  She uses a high quality cotton thread which tats up nicely as well.  The pattern is from Occhi: Schiffchenspitze, a German book which has very clear diagrams and some unusual patterns.

I've wanted to try this pattern for several months and finally found some time.  I mark pages in books with paperclips to remind me to revisit certain patterns when I get a chance.  This is one round of a larger doily in the book.  The most fun was deciding how I wanted to add beads.  You see where the long bugle beads are - that's the kind of thing I find picot gauges to be very handy for.  

You can get the picots to be exactly the right length for these bugle beads so that the beads fit perfectly over the picots with no extra thread sticking out.  So far, I am very pleased with the way this project is going.


Karen said...

Oooh. How very, very pretty! Karen in OR

Jane Eborall said...

Or you could add the bugle beads before you make the picot. That's my lazy way!!!!! Have a look at this idea - it might help.

madziula said...

It will be beautiful work :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Beautiful edging! I've hesitated on buying too many foreign books. I'm a bit intimidated by not knowing the language. However, this is very tempting! Love the shuttles!

Fox said...

Congratulations on finishing another of your courses!

The edging is lovely and I see you are not content to have me buy only shuttles, but are also intent on another book winging its way to my post box! Bad, bad Elizabeth! LOL!

Your beads are always so uniform and perfect - what type do you use?

My dollar store beads are looking very irregular and misshapen to me suddenly. I see a more selective process in my future choices ...
Fox : )

Suztats said...

It looks beautiful! I do like the colour, too. But, can anyone really have too much HDT??!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jane, that's an interesting idea! Thank you for the link.

Thank you madziula for visiting my blog and leaving me such a nice comment :-)

Diane, the key is good diagrams or really, really clear pictures where you can count stitches :-) This one has good diagrams.

Fox, I have just one word for you - Delicas! Visit a bead store in your local area and ask them about delicas. They are all exactly the same size and shape and come in many, many colors. They are more expensive but worth every penny, I think.

You're right Suztats, I'm just feeling guilty because I actually lose colors in the drawer as I keep shoving more and more in. This one was all the way at the bottom :-(

God's Kid said...

I think that pattern and the thread showcase each other so beautifully as though they were made for each other! I love the beads added too. I can't wait to see your finished project! :)

Koroneczka said...

Beautiful! :)

Tatteristic! said...

The pattern and the colors are absolutely gorgeous. I, too, have not ventured into books in foreign languages yet but this pattern in so pretty, I may have to. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

So glad to hear you've finished your course and are maintaining your 4.0 average! I admire your ambition in embarking on this CPA journey! Your perfectionism will serve you well in that field.

And, of course, you have another impressive piece of tatting here. The bugle beads are perfect for it. What a beautiful pattern and gorgeous thread. Again, lovely photos/scans!

I also might order some shuttles from LaCosette!

Carolivy said...

Beautiful! I may just have to learn how to use a Picot
Congratulaitons on the progress you are making towards your CPA! I wish you much luck in the endevor!