Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I ♥ My Mailman, #3

There was a time when I was very envious of tatters who use post shuttles.  I do my share of lurking around on ebay, in antique stores, tatting supply vendors, and any other place that I might possibly run across nice shuttles. Some of them are really pretty; they come in lots of colors, lovely materials like bone, wood, celluloid, sterling silver. But let's face it - 99% of them are post shuttles.  I have collected quite a few nice decorative shuttles on ebay and elsewhere - but they are all post shuttles.

Here's the dilemma - I don't use post shuttles.  They are nice for collecting but for me they aren't  practical.  They take a long time to wind and you can't change colors easily.  I change colors all the time.  I'd need a million post shuttles with my million different color and size threads in order to work efficiently.  So I only use removable bobbin shuttles.  I have used Boye  metal bobbin shuttles in the past and I like the antique ones.  The new metal ones are complete crap.  But mostly I stick to Aeros.  I like them.  They have a built in crochet hook which I prefer, I can change colors often,  they are easy to acquire and are relative inexpensive.  But let's face it - they are BORING.  Dull gray, plastic, blah.  As a result, I had post-shuttle envy.

But no more.

Thanks to LaCossette on etsy.com, no more plain gray shuttles - I can have pretty shuttles too!  I have been using mine for almost three weeks now and I LOVE them.  Not only because they are so pretty, but because the little bobbin-winding tail you usually find on an Aero-type shuttle (I never used it anyway and just thought it got in the way) has been removed.  This makes the shuttle smaller and it fits in my hand better.  Another thing I discovered after using these pretty little shuttles for a while is that I prefer the feel of these to the plain gray shuttle.  The decoration causes them to have a bit of a texture to them, and when I pick up a plain Aero shuttle after using one of these, it feels almost slimy it's so slick and smooth.

And - they are decorated differently on each side!

The only problem I have now is I'm having a hard time limiting myself to a reasonable number because they are all so wonderful!  So far I have (from the top going clockwise) "Oriental Jewel", "America", "Paisley", "Daisy", "Summer Meadow", "Black and White", "Regal Blue", and "Dapper".  But let's face it, I mean, how many bobbin shuttles do you really need?  You need a lot of bobbins, yes, but you don't really need that many shuttles.  I just can't seem to help myself, however.  I've had post-shuttle envy for so long I went a little crazy and bought eight right off the bat.  I have been trying to avoid her shop for now but have already hinted to my husband that Christmas is not that far off.

Thanks again, Mr. Mailman (and LaCossette)!


Karen said...

Elizabeth, Those are very nice shuttles - and see what nice pictures you took of them! Karen in OR

Gina said...

That's funny. Glad you got some pretty shuttles. Myself, I prefer the post ones. I can wind the clovers on a crank shuttle winder very quickly and unwind if need be. And because I control how much thread I put on there, it seems efficient to me but I do get why people want to have removable bobbins. Just wouldn't work for me. I like the winding "therapy".

Unknown said...

I know, they are all fab, aren't they! I love the black and white one and the pink one! They're all gorgeous! Have fun! I have ♥'d her on etsy as well!

Fox said...

Well.. you beat me to it! I got so excited when I saw Umi's (umintsuru) posting yesterday I ordered a couple, and then when I saw your bonanza I ordered one more!

Can't wait to try these out. They certainly are pretty, and if I like them as much as you do, it will be a fabbo find!
Fox : ))

Elizabeth said...

Actually, those are still scans, not pictures (thank goodness for my flatbed scanner).

I know that there are easier ways to wind post shuttles but I've gotten so used to my bobbins (I think I must have about a hundred) that I can just pop in and out.

It looks like LaCossette is going to be on vacation for a bit but I'm sure when she gets back there will be lots of lovely shuttles to choose from once again!

Martha said...

No wonder there aren't so many shuttles in her shop anymore :)

I'm planning to treat myself to a couple of these next month.

Leanna said...

Oh my...!
I love these shuttles! No wonder you bought eight of them in one swipe! The mother of eighteen-year-old male twins deserves a little perk on such an big day...don't you agree?? LOL!
Thank you for POSTING this information (I intended the pun, of course!) I will visit LaCossette soon!

Umintsuru said...

Your selection of shuttles are fabulous. I do prefer post shuttles but I just had to get these and because they are modified, they are much easier to tat with than the normal Aero-type shuttles. Your Oriental Jewel is absolutely gorgeous!!