Sunday, September 26, 2010


My scanner is here and I'm back in business.  Another learning curve involved, however, and one I have not had a lot of time to explore as school, work, and high school football season are in full swing. I'm not quite getting the results I want yet.

I am currently enjoying my pdf copy of Jon Yusoff's "Tatted Snowflakes Collection."  Tatted snowflakes have been around about as long as tatting itself - so you'd think we'd run out of really different and unique patterns.  Not so with Jon's book, predominantly because of the use of more "modern" tatting techniques like the use of two shuttles and split and mock rings.  Here is the first one I tatted, "Alladin."

I think the thread is "Treebeard" by Lady Shuttlemaker (I really should label my thread better).  I plan on making this into a necklace eventually, probably by adding a tatted/beaded chain of some sort.


God's Kid said...

That is an amazing snowflake! :)

hattalahutta said...

That is one awsome snowflake! Love the thread color too, think I have to get some of that one day.. :)

Fox said...

Man, that is pretty!

I have learned a lot by examining your tatting. In this one I see you have used 2 picots to get the double beads - VERY effective! Also, I am guessing that you have a bead on the chain shuttle to get that bottom bead under the three at the top of the chain. Lovely. Your work is a joy to look at.
Fox : )

Fox said...

Or, on second look, did you use one big picot? And then place the beads side by side???
Fox : ?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks, everyone - Jon's pattern is fab.

Fox, I do use just one picot with two beads on it. when I join I join between the two beads to get that effect. On those outer rings all those beads are on the chain shuttle, yes. Three of them are on the ring thread you put around your fingers as you make the ring and the bottom one stays on the shuttle until you get to that point and then you bring it off the shuttle and put it at the base of the other three. Clear as mud?? :-)

Fox said...

That there's good mud. Thanks!
Fox : )

Cindy said...

Very pretty motif! Every time I see that Treebeard HDT, I love it even more.

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

Hiya Elizabeth
I saw your pumpkin earrings that you gave away in a giveaway contest and I was wondering what you used for the top of your pumpkin. I really like the earrings alot. Also I love your Magnolia edged necklace you are making and was wondering where the pattern came from for it. I am writing to you here because I do not have your email. Could you send me an email. Love your work!!!